sexta-feira, 4 de julho de 2008

Video Country riding center 2007



€20 Pony walk 1/2 hour

€20 Lunging/beginners lesson 20min.

€25 Private riding lesson

€35 Private dressage lesson 1/2 hour (on one of the stallions only experience riders)


Weekly groups lesson CRC horse € 50,- p/month
Twice groups lessons CRC horse € 90,- p/month
Weekly groups lesson own horse € 35,- p/month
Twice groups lessons own horse € 60,- p/month
Membership without groups lessons € 15,- p/month

As a member from the Country Riding Center you also get: 25% discount on hack.
€ 5,- discount on (semi)private lesson.

In case you miss a groups lesson you will get an extra groups lessons
in the same month suitable for both parts.


€35 Beginners hack 1 hour (walk/if poss. trot)

€50 Medium hack 2 hour ( walk/trot/if poss. canter)

€60 Experienced hack 2 hour (with canter and galop)


Full livery €320 per month (call for more info.)